San Gimignano 1300

By 13 September 2018Blog

Visit San Gimignano and take the opportunity to visit the museum of San Gimignano 1300. In this museum you can admire a large and detailed miniature reconstruction of medieval San Gimignano, as it appeared at the time of its maximum splendor.

From the center of San Gimignano we walk along Via San Giovanni: the entrance to this private exhibition does not have an immediately visible sign: it is an open door with a vertical poster that invites for free admission.

This is how San Gimignano would have looked, around 1300 to a wayfarer who had spotted it from a surrounding hill. The city, at the height of its development with all its 72 towers (even if it was called "city of 100 towers" or "city with beautiful towers"), was impressive and conveyed a sense of strength and independence: a reference point for the Tuscany of that time.

Being located along the Via Francigena had allowed it to prosper and become an important commercial center, growing to count 12,000 inhabitants (today there are 3,000).

This miniature was made entirely of ceramic decorated with cold, natural pigments, using more than 1 ton of clays from the nearby Montelupo quarries.

It required intense technical, historical and architectural research and 20,000 hours of work.